AGAINST ALL ODDS - Available from 13th August 2019

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About the author and the book

Andrew Pike has been a maritime lawyer for over 30 years. He lives in Durban, South Africa and is the head of the Ports, Transport and Logistics sector at Bowmans. He was part of the legal team which investigated the sinking of the OCEANOS in 1991.

This is his third published book. He was an international rower, ultra-marathon runner and is currently a cyclist and avid photographer.

Andrew is also an accredited life and business coach, married and has two adult children.

‘Recording the time as 12.05 am and date as 4 August, musician Moss Hills added calmly: “So I guess we’re going down”.

In August 1991, excited holiday-makers boarded the Oceanos for the trip of a lifetime. Despite treacherous weather, the captain ordered the ship to set sail for Durban. And so began the ill-fated voyage.

Hurricane force winds and giant rogue waves aggravated the hostile storm. Soon the ship started taking water. Panicked senior crew members scrambled into lifeboats leaving the ship’s evacuation to the on-board entertainers. At one point, a musician manned the bridge, at another, a magician.

Women and children clambered aboard lifeboats which were launched into terrifying seas, leaving their husbands behind, unsure if they would see each other again. After all the operational lifeboats had been launched, 220 passengers and junior crew were left stranded on the rapidly sinking ship.

During this catastrophe the South African Air Force launched their biggest air rescue ever, with helicopter crews and Navy divers risking everything to evacuate the remaining passengers.

In Against all Odds Andrew Pike recreates the compelling drama and extraordinary heroism of the greatest maritime rescue in South African history.